What happened between El Yaki and Daisy Anahy, wife of Eduin Caz?

After the scandal that Eduin Caz had cheated on Daisy Anahy, the singer’s fans began to speculate that the singer’s wife had taken revenge by cheating on him with El Yaki.

Luis Alfonso Partida, El Yaki’s real name, is the godfather of one of the couple’s children, which is why fans quickly link him with Daisy Anahy.

After all the rumors, El Yaki broke his silence and, in an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, revealed if he had a relationship with Eduin Caz’s wife beyond that of compadres.

“Eduin and I are compadres, I love him very much, and there really is a friendship. The truth is that I allow very little that people even mention that to me because there are people with principle and with words”, he began in his words.

Are Yaki and Daisy Anahy lovers?

“The issue of your friend’s wife, you as a gentleman, as a loyal friend and as the man you are, I believe that friendship is only and exclusively between men, women are not even touched, they are respected, they are the lady of the house. And that’s how I do things. That’s my upbringing. I could never see the wife of a friend of mine,” added El Yaki.

The singer added that he was upset by the rumor because, in his native Sinaloa, men who cheat on another man’s partner are punished.

“I got really, really upset when people started saying that….”

“Because the net has no idea how things are handled, or how things are in our Sinaloa with the issue of women; I think they kill more men for the women than for other kinds of things, and that’s the school I have,” he said.

Finally, El Yaki said that he discussed what happened with Eduin Caz: “I spoke to Eduin, and I said to my compadre: ‘Tell me that you do not believe in this thing, he answered me: ‘No, compadre, not at all. Besides, at no time has there been any situation, nor have I allowed absolutely anything to be misunderstood”.