What happened? Jazmín Pinedo on Valeria Piazza in America Shows: “It is not by channel protocol”

Jasmine Pinedo She surprised this Monday morning by appearing as the host of “América Espectáculos.” The model was presented by Federico Salazar. “And now we have new winds in the shows. Jasmine Pinedo honors us with her visit, ”he said.

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“Hello! How are they? Thanks for the pass Federico … New winds indeed, 2022. You will be calm with me Federico, with me there is a lot of love, a lot of peace, a lot of tranquility ”, he said after appearing in front of the popular news block.

Minutes later, after presenting the first note, the production team pointed out to the former reality girl that she had not clarified the reason for her presence and it was at that time that He clarified that he was replacing Valeria Piazza, who had to lead the space since Rebeca Escribns is on vacation.

“Did I explain? Ah I forgot! I had to say it … I want to tell the whole public and first I want to apologize because they are going to have to see me all day. Today they are going to see me in the morning, in the afternoon, at night and at dawn. Who knows? A thousand apologies for that “he said jokingly.

“Valeria Piazza has not come today due to canal protocol issues, she will explain it to you, and I’m obviously delighted to cover your place to collaborate for a little bit with the team “He added without giving more details about what happened with his partner.

He also took the opportunity to send a message to the model.I send you a big hug, I hope you are well and that you can be here soon. Lend me the space, I promise you “, ended, after which they put the song “El Serrucho”.

“Never!”He said, laughing, and then highlighting the claim made by his colleagues behind the scenes. “How? Let me stay Guys don’t respect you “He answered them and then clarified that it was all part of a chacota.


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