What happened? Tania Ruiz could have finished with Enrique Peña Nieto

Mexico City.- The potosina model Tania ruiz, also known as the current partner of former President Enrique Peña Nieto, is the center of attention has returned after posting a New Year’s message on his social networks that seems to indicate that he has left his famous love affair behind.

“God does not want you to leave this life without having really lived it, without having really been you. Some people left, not all people are friends and many times we expect more than we sometimes receive. But that is sure. that those who stayed with you are real, “wrote the 34-year-old model.

And without a doubt, it was the phrase “some people left” that has attracted the most attention of its publication to its followers on social networks and the media who say among those people could be the ex-husband of Angélica Rivera.

What happened? Tania Ruiz could have finished with Enrique Peña Nieto

However, the perspective changed in his next publication, in which he assures that he has a happy heart and all the energy to start 2022, which could indicate that his heart is not broken.

“Twelve months, a happy heart, a positive attitude, 4 seasons, a state of peace, eyes that look forward, a soul that wishes you well, 365 new days, 365 opportunities. ALWAYS BY THE HAND OF GOD” Tania wrote in her last post.

It should be remembered that last Christmas Tania Ruiz shared the table with the daughters of the former Mexican president, as she made it known through her Instagram stories, a platform on which she published photos with Paulina and Nicole Nieto.

Despite this, in the publications Enrique Peña Nieto was not seen at any time, however, other guests and friends of the same as Luis Enrique Miranda Nava, former Secretary of the Interior of the State of Mexico, and his children were present.

To recap, the relationship between Tania Ruiz and Peña Nieto dates back to 2019 when they were captured by the camera lens together in Madrid. One of their last appearances together was last October when they were seen leaving a hotel in Rome, which sparked a strong controversy, this because a person who was near the hotel recognized Peña Nieto and yelled at him “thief” and even deserves jail.

Without weighing him twice, the model responded a few days after the altercation: “To whoever wishes me evil, I wish him good, because everyone offers it. I came to this life to be happy and not please anyone else; but yes to be able to do the best for someone “.

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