What happened to Andrés García’s daughter, Andrea García?

We tell you everything you should know about Andrea Garcia, known in the entertainment world for being the daughter of Andres Garcia.

Just a couple of months ago, Andrea García, daughter of Andrés García and Maria Fernanda Ampudia, became a topic of conversation on social networks after the actor informed that he had decided to eliminate her completely from his will.

According to the former movie star, his daughter has stayed away from the family for many years. There was even an occasion when she was reported missing, an information she later denied, assuring she was fine at her home in the United States, where she has lived for many years.

The actress and TV host has forged a career far from the shadow of her famous father.

The reality is that Andrea Garcia does not have a good relationship with her mother, so she avoids contact with her at all costs, although her mother was diagnosed with cancer, which motivated her to seek the company of her family, failing in one attempt.

For his part, the actor declared a few years ago that he had not heard from her for more than a decade, which worried him. He also mentioned that her mother had asked him for help in locating her and that she had bad friends, but that he respected her decision. Let’s remember that it was at that time when she was accused of practicing witchcraft, something that was denied.

Age of Andrés García’s daughter

At 40 years old, Andrea García has continued to be active in film and television productions in the United States.

According to information circulating on the Internet, which American Post News brings to you, Andrea Garcia was born on December 8, 1975 in Mexico City, so she is now 46 years old. Regarding her private life, she is a single mother of a beautiful young girl named Carlota.

Instagram of Andrés García’s daughter

Today, the actor’s daughter enjoys great popularity on Instagram.

Like her famous father, Andrea García forged an artistic career in the world of television. However, she has been living in Los Angeles for several years, where she continues to work on small projects, which she proudly shows off on her Instagram account, which already has more than 179 thousand followers.

Who is Andrea Garcia’s mother, María Fernanda Ampudia?

María Fernanda Ampudia married the actor in 1974, with whom she became pregnant a year later.

Andres Garcia confessed months ago that he had been with 800 women in intimacy, but only 4 of them were able to marry him. One of them was Maria Fernanda Ampudia, who in 1974 became his second wife and the following year they welcomed Andrea Garcia.