What is commemorated and when is Veterans Day in the US (2021)?

Of all the veterans in the United States today, the majority participated in the Gulf War.

The United States has a special day to recognize the work of allmembersof theArmed Forceswho served the country in the past and those who are still active. At this festival is known asVeterans Day (Veterans Day).

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, in the American Union there are approximately 19 million people in this sector, which represents less than 10 percent of the adult population in the country.

Of all the veterans in the nation today, the majority participated in the Gulf War , which began in 1990. The population is followed by veterans of the Vietnam War. There are even about 240,000 who served during World War II. 

However, the proportion of Americans with military experience is declining. According to Pew Research , in 2018 there were 7 percent of adult veterans , while in 1980 the proportion was 18 percent.

When is Veterans Day 2021 celebrated?

The Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11 each year, which in 2021 will fall this Thursday. Although it is an official holiday , no school or government office is forced to close and suspension from work is at their discretion.

This date coincides with the anniversary of the end of the First World War , which ended on November 11, 1918, when the fighting ceased before the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.

In 1919, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed November 11 as Armistice Day , honoring the soldiers who died in the war. The then president established that parades , public meetings and that activities be suspended for half a day.

However, it was not until 1938 that a law was passed to make Armistice Day an official holiday. 

While in its beginnings only the fallen of the First World War were honored , the US Congress modified the commemoration in 1954, after the mobilization of the Armed Forces in World War II. The name was changed to Veterans Day and became a date to honor veterans who participated in all wars.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 

In the United States , different activities are carried out at the federal and local levels to recognize the work of the military. The most important event is the one that takes place at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier , which is located in Arlington National Cemetery. 

Armistice Day was commemorated in 1921 by burying an unknown military man who served in the First World War and every November 11 a procession takes place to the grave.

Parades are also held throughout the country, organized by the different veterans associations in the United States . One of the most important is the one in New York City , which will begin at noon on November 11 from 25th Street to Fifth Avenue.

The event, which will mark the 20th anniversary of the response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, will be broadcast on television on the WABC channel .

Veterans Day Discounts

Some stores and restaurants across the country offer gifts, free food, or discounts on Veterans Day as a way of thanking you for your commitment to the country. To make these promotions valid, it is required to show a military identification, so it is important that no member of the Armed Forces leaves their credential at home.

Some of the establishments that have offered discounts in previous years are 7-Eleven, Applebee’s, California Pizza Kitchen, Chili’s, Deny’s, Home Depot, Kohl’s, Staples, Krispy Kreme, ´Target, Starbucks and Wendy’s.

Difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day 

Another of the most important holidays in the United States , and sometimes confused with Veterans Day , is Memorial Day , which is commemorated on the last Monday in May. The confusion between the two dates is that they are related to the Armed Forces. 

However, the Department of Veterans Affairs specifies that Memorial Day is the date to remember the military who died in the service of their country, while the Veterans Day honors active members, retired members, and those who died. and they belonged to the Armed Forces .