What is each of the cameras on your mobile phone for?

New phones every day incorporate more cameras that allow users to capture better photos with higher resolution and sharpness.. However, among so many new technical features it is very easy to get lost and not know what each of them is for.

On average currently cell phones incorporate a set of three rear camerasin addition to the front lens to make video calls and take selfies, this is the case both in high-end terminals and in mid-range terminals that have a cheaper sale price.

Next, we will explain to you what use you should give each of your phone’s cameras so that you can capture better photos:

1. Main camera

This is the lens that phones use by default and therefore it is the most used by users since it is the one that is activated when opening the camera application. As usual It usually offers a greater angle of vision, which allows capturing both the focus of the photo and the background that surrounds it..

The main cameras usually incorporate some type of artificial intelligence that is used to automatically improve the quality of each of the images.

2. Telephoto camera

It offers the possibility of take pictures of people or objects that are at a considerable distance. To do this, it uses an optical zoom that, unlike the digital approach, does not cause a blur in the image since it does not cut out the original image.

In practice, it could be said that it works in the opposite way to how the main camera does..

3. Wide angle

They are intended for capturing images of large objects that might not otherwise fit into a traditional frame. It does this by increasing the angle of view as much as possible, which gives the sensation of moving away from the lens.

For these reasons they are ideal for shooting landscapes or large structures that you want to appear fully in the frame.

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