What is known about the organized looting of stores in San Francisco and other cities

Law enforcement agencies in San Francisco, California, in a file image.

Photo: JOSH EDELSON / AFP / Getty Images

The authorities of the San Francisco, California area, they are in high alert for a wave of robberies perpetrated by large groups of people, made up mostly of masked youth, in a phenomenon that It is also being repeated in cities in other states such as Illinois.

People –between 30 and 80—They arrive in a group, they put all kinds of items in huge garbage bags and drive about a dozen cars at full speed.

On Friday began three consecutive days of violent irruptions to luxurious businesses such as the chain Nordstrom, and although up to now the police have been overwhelmed by this phenomenon, they assure that the number of agents will increase.

In Chicago, more than a dozen people broke into a store Louis Vuitton in a suburban shopping center. The thieves took around $ 120,000 in merchandise.

Among those indicated as the causes, is the fact that California seeks to lower the cost of the prison population, for which it has implemented laws considered lax by many, as shoplifting is no longer a serious crime.

What’s more, stores can’t chase thieves, and may incur legal liability if they do so. The phenomenon is especially serious in San Francisco and the metropolitan area, which is experiencing a general increase in crime, which has grown by almost 52%.

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