What is Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez’s favorite soccer team?

Formula 1 driver Sergio 'Checo' Perez reveals his childhood passion for soccer and unwavering support for Club América in Liga MX.

Though Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez is currently heralded as one of the premier drivers in Formula 1 and across the globe, he also carves out time for his love of soccer. He not only appreciates the sport but also holds a particular soccer team close to his heart.

The Soccer Team That Captures Checo Perez’s Heart

It wasn’t always just the roar of engines and the smell of burning rubber for Sergio Perez. From his childhood, ‘Checo’ held a dual passion for Formula 1 and soccer. Alongside his brother, Antonio Perez, Checo shared an ardent love for soccer. Indeed, there was a time when the now-renowned Red Bull driver even dreamt of a career on the soccer pitch.

Sergio Pérez’s loyalty lies with América. He openly expresses his affection for the Azulcremas’ colors wherever he ventures. Moreover, Perez has openly admitted on numerous occasions his lifelong affinity for the Águilas. “Since I was very young with some cousins, we started to watch América. Chivas didn’t really appeal to me. So it was easy for me to choose, and I became a big América fan,” he candidly shared.

The Unanticipated Soccer Allegiance of the Mexican Driver

In various interactions with the press, Mexican driver Sergio “Checo” Pérez has spoken warmly of his fondness for soccer. The surprise for many is that the Red Bull Formula 1 team member supports Club América from Liga MX, despite being born and raised in Guadalajara.

Checo Pérez Once Aspired to Play for América

Beyond being an ardent fan of América, Sergio Perez disclosed that in his youth, he harbored dreams of becoming a professional soccer player. More specifically, he yearned to play for the Águilas, the most successful team in Mexican soccer.

“I saw myself playing for America, but I thought I would never have the opportunity to make it to Formula One. I thought I had a good future in soccer, but I quickly realized that I didn’t,” the Mexican driver revealed in an interview.