What is the cardiac arrhythmia that Kun Agüero was diagnosed with?

This Wednesday, December 15, Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero announced his official retirement from football after he was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia after presenting chest pain and leaving the game in the Barcelona vs Alavés game a few months ago.

The doctors advised him to leave the sport, because the tests that were carried out showed that heart failure was detected in time; the decision to retire was made 10 days ago.

“I did my best to see if there was any hope, but there wasn’t much.”

Just two days ago it was learned that Agüero would leave Barcelona and although it was speculated that it was due to the complications of his health, now everything was confirmed and now in AmericanPost.News We will explain what the athlete’s condition is.

Cardiac arrhythmia that Kun Agüero has

The footballer felt bad during a match At 33 he was forced to leave the sport

The footballer felt a discomfort in his chest on October 30, so at minute 40 of the game, he had to leave the emergency, because he was lying on the grass and woke up the alarms in the team.

Since then, several medical studies have been carried out and it was then that the doctors discovered that he has a cardiac arrhythmia, which is a disorder of the heart rate or heart rhythm, with which the heart can beat very fast or very slow, or even regularly.

“Cardiac arrhythmias can cause you to have a fluttering or racing sensation and can be harmless.”

Likewise, it was revealed that the symptoms of cardiac arrhythmia occur in people who have irregular heartbeats; chest pain, dizziness, fatigue, sweating, fainting and even shortness of breath.

Treatment depends on the type of arrhythmia the person has, as in some cases it is not serious and the patient only needs periodic check-ups.

Kun Agüero’s age

At 33 he was forced to leave the sport

The 33-year-old Argentine player was succeeding in Europe, as he is experiencing one of the most important moments of his sports career, as he arrived at Barcelona very young.

Although he had still been active for many years, Kun Agüero officially retired from football in tears and his words shook all the fans.

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