What is the character of the actress Fabiola Guajardo in the soap opera The rich also cry 2022?

This 2022 will be released the melodramatic television series “Rich people cry too”which will have among its cast Fabiola Guajardobeing the fourth installment of the “Dream Factory” franchisea project consisting of update Televisa’s most successful classic telenovelas, in short format of 25 episodes. Previously, new versions of “La usurpadora”, “Cuna de lobos” and “Rubí” were aired.

The original story of “The rich also cry”, was released in the late 70’s. It was produced by Valentín Pimstein and directed by Rafael Banquells (who was the husband of actress Silvia Pinal). It starred Verónica Castro and Rogelio Guerra, with the antagonistic participation of Rocío Banquells.

Back in the mid-90’s, Televisa made another version of this melodrama. It is about “María la del barrio” with Thalía and Fernando Colunga; In this adaptation, the actress Itatí Cantoral played the well-remembered villain Soraya Montenegro.

For the new adaptation of “The rich also cry” as part of “Dream Factory”, the protagonists will be Claudia Martín and Sebastián Rulli. For her part, the Mexican actress Fabiola Guajardo will be the villainwith the Soraya Montenegro’s character.

In a talk with several media outlets, Fabiola Guajardo commented that in this new story, the phrase “what are you doing kissing the cripple!”, which made Itatí Cantoral famous, cannot be missing.

Yes (laughs), yes I shout ‘damn cripple’ not once, but several times, but there is a huge surprise that they are going to love and they are going to enjoy it very much.

About her character, she described her as “very passionate”, being one of the many emotions she has Soraya Montenegro: “He is selfish, the love he has for Luis Alberto (played by Sebastián Rulli) is such, that it is a very particular love, nobody taught him to love”.

Who is Fabiola Guajardo, actress of “The rich also cry”?

She is originally from Monterrey, state of Nuevo León, Mexico. She is 35 years old and measures 1.69 m. She was a participant in the Nuestra Belleza Nuevo León 2007 contest and was the first runner-up. That same year, she was part of Our Beauty Mexico (today known as Mexicana Universal).

He studied acting at the Televisa Center for Artistic Education (CEA) and had his acting debut in 2011on the soap opera “Hope of the heart”together with Lucía Méndez and Bianca Marroquín.

The young actress has also participated in the melodramas “For her I am Eva”, “Crown of tears” and “That I love you, I love you”. On the Hispanic network Telemundo, she has acted in the telenovelas “Preso No. 1” and “Looking for Frida.”

Fabiola Guajardo has won two TVyNovelas awards as best supporting actress and best co-star actress. She has also participated in film and theater projects.

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The new adaptation of “The rich also cry” premieres next Monday on Las Estrellas at 9:30 p.m. (Mexico City time). “She will suffer many things as a child that makes her take out all this that she has, she has too many emotions and they will already know her,” said Fabiola about her character of Soraya Montenegro.