What is the price of the dollar in Mexico this Friday, October 29

What is the price of the dollar in Mexico this Friday, October 29

Price of the dollar advances in the Mexican market today.

Photo: KAREN BLEIER / / AFP / Getty Images

This Friday the exchange market in Mexico begins the day in positive for the US currency, when the dollar is priced against the Mexican peso at 20.30 pesos per unit of greenback. Which means a better advance than that of the day of this Thursday, with 0.34%.

At the bank window, the dollar is trading above the 20 barrierFor the purchase, the US dollar is quoted at 20.07 pesos and for the sale the price is 20.54 pesos per dollar.

The economist Gabriela Siller highlights that the depreciation of the Mexican peso, for the fourth consecutive session, began today at almost 7 cents.

Markets remain on the lookout for announcements of exchange rate policies from various central banks, which should conclude next week.

Meanwhile, Mexico has already provided economic data for the third quarter, which shows that the local economy contracted due to a rise in US Treasury bond yields.

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