What is the state of health of Shakira’s father, after being hospitalized?

Shakira is experiencing a difficult time, as it was revealed that his fatherWilliam Mebarak was again hospitalized and his health condition is reported as serious.

Let us remember that the singer’s father’s health problems began in June, when he had a severe fall that caused him to stay in the hospital for several days.

Although the singer had shared some images of her father’s recovery, in the midst of the controversy with Piqué, the same with which the spotlights of the entertainment world have been stolen, everything seems to indicate that her father was once again hospitalized and reported that his state of health is very complicated.

Shakira’s dad’s health

What is the state of health of William Mebarak, Shakira’s father? Shakira and Ozuna premiere “Monotonia”

According to Spanish media reports, Shakira’s father’s health has worsened in recent days, for which he had to be hospitalized in an emergency at Teknon in Barcelona.

In American Post News We let you know that William Mebarak would have been in the hospital for several days and his health condition has become more critical every day:

“Both Shakira and the rest of the writer’s relatives have not left his side and the Colombian’s visits have been frequent in recent days,” they revealed.

This situation would be strongly affecting Shakira, who has not been able to enjoy the great success she has had with her new song and in the midst of legal problems with Piqué.

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What is the name of Shakira’s new song with Ozuna?

Shakira and Ozuna premiere “Monotonia”

On October 19, after a long wait, Shakira released her new song “Monotonía” with Ozuna, which refers to her breakup with Gerard Piqué.

As expected, “Monotonia” became a success from the first hours, breaking records and becoming a trend on social networks.

Despite the professional success Shakira is living, the health of your dadwith whom she is very close, would have her very worried and so far she has not spoken about it.

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