What is the truth about the feast of December 12 Virgin of Guadalupe?

The December 12th It is one of the most special dates in Mexico for the faithful of the Catholic Church, but do you know why it is celebrated on that date at Guadalupe’s Virgin?, Here we tell you!

In AmericanPost.News We remind you that this Marian devotion is one of the most famous in the world and has raised Mexico up, hence hundreds of pilgrims flock to the Mexican Republic just to venerate it.

Previously his most famous MIRACLES; However, now we will give you in summary what is the story behind this veneration of this devotion to the Virgin Mary.

History of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Juan Diego and the Guadalupana. Photo: afrarodriguez.blogspot.com Virgen Guadalupana. Photo: wradio.com.mx

It is known that the first recorded appearance of this Marian devotion occurred on December 12, 1531 and was seen by Juan Diego, to whom he appeared three more times, asking him to inform Bishop Zumárraga of his wishes to have a temple built for her. in the Cerro del Tepeyac.

It is worth mentioning that, despite Juan Diego’s attempts to convince the bishop, he was incredulous, hence it was until the Virgin Mary was reflected in the mantle worn by the messenger, which was revealed when roses fell from him that The mother of Jesus of Nazareth had given him to deliver them to Zumárraga.

Currently the image of this Marian devotion is sheltered in the Famous and National Basilica of Santa María de Guadalupe.

What don’t you know about December 12?

Guadalupe Virgin. Photo: wradio.com.mx

It is 1667 the year in which various historical records place Guadalupana as the first to have a celebration, which leaves 136 years of separation between the first appearance of this Marian devotion and its first celebration.

In addition, you have to know that on the 12th of December it became official for the celebration of the Guadalupana when it was decreed by means of a papal bull of Clement IX, and then on this same date, but in 1824 it was declared a National Holiday by the Congress of the Nation.

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