What is Yuri’s catchy song that talks about sexual assault

Yuri’s famous song was criticized (Photo: Instagram/@oficialyuri)

Singer Yuri has stood out throughout her career for her musical talent and charisma, however, recently she has been widely criticized for hate comments towards the LGBT+ community and even for serophobic speeches.

It is in this context that an old song by the singer resurfaced among the new generations, who noted that the catchy lyrics were not as friendly as it has been presented over the years. And it is that Yuri became over the decades part of popular cultureso it would not seem strange that at a party or meeting songs like: The blackout.

However, Internet users, after briefly analyzing the lyrics of this jarocha classic, realized that it was more disturbing than it seems and that, the verses of this tune could be downright violent.

The lyrics of the song tell about a woman who is walking down the street when suddenly the lights go out and at that moment, someone grabs her and takes her to a hidden place.

yuri the blackout
In the video Yuri is seen walking down the street (Photo: screenshot/YT antonellozerzi)

I was walking down the street alone when a blackout suddenly came. It is better that I keep quiet about the adventure that happened to me. They took me by the waist, they took me to the bucket of a hallway and in that dark street Oh, what happened to me. With the blackout, what things happen?say the first lines.

Later, it is narrated that the woman was still in the dark and decided not to move, but she felt that the other person began to touch her and one of the verses highlights that the person involved had felt at risk.

I stayed very still in that terrible darkness and a light hand touched me with confidence and freedom. If the danger was above, down here things were worse. The offensive was so strong. Oh!… What happened to me?”, the song continues.

yuri the blackout
In the video, a man carries Yuri, who is struggling, and takes her to a hidden place (Photo: screenshot/YT antonellozerzi)

After other verses of the repeated and sticky chorus, comes one of the darkest moments of the lyrics, as it is mentioned that the woman in question managed to get rid of the sexual assault because the light returned, but she realized that the man in question was his parent.

“And without seeing the enemy in that terrible darkness, they took my coat, my hat and… what a barbarity! I thought about the punishment that I was going to immediately give to that fresco, when they turned on the lights, oh!… it was my dad”.

yuri the blackout
Yuri asks for help, but the groping continues (Photo: screenshot/YT antonellozerzi)

Given this, Internet users TikTok They reacted and condemned the perpetuation and normalization of this type of discourse.

“When I understood that song I even deleted it from my favorites”, “They realize how they sold us the idea that this was normal”, “Just today I was remembering this song and how traumatizing it was when I analyzed what he said”, “I am 55 years old. I lived through the 80s and 90s believing that everything was happiness and respect. Now my daughter tells me… watch this video of a father groping his daughter. Uta and I believing that my times were healthier than these. They were good but there was definitely a lot of misogyny.”

It should be noted that The blackout is not an original Yuri theme, but a cover from a 1942 song that took place during World War II. However, the singer from Veracruz returned to it for her album I am free and in the official video it does refer to an attempted sexual abuse.


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