What level of schooling does Belinda have? This is how Christian Nodal’s ex expressed himself from his student days

So much Belinda What Christian Nodal They have grabbed the headlines of the entertainment press after their separation was confirmed, no more “Nodeli”, the love story had come to an end and apparently the young singers did not end on the best terms. Before the controversial rupture, many people have been interested in several curiosities about the soap opera actress.

What have Belinda’s boyfriends been? Why did Belinda and Christian Nodal end up? How many of Belinda’s boyfriends have been tattooed? What has been Belinda’s longest relationship or What career did Belinda study?are some of the queries on Google about the 32-year-old actress, of Spanish origin and naturalized Mexican.

With regard to school studies Belinda Peregrin Schullin an interview with television host Gustavo Adolfo Infante, for his program “The minute that changed my destiny”, he commented that only studied until third year of high school.

I studied until third year of secondary school and high school, not anymore, obviously at home, but secondary school I did go to school, which was the worst time of school, terrible.

Belinda was 10 years old when she began her artistic career, debuting as the protagonist of the children’s telenovela “Amigos x siempre”, with the character of Ana Capistrán Vidal. In that interview, she said that during her childhood “she was very friendly”, however, once she started her career, she became very shy.

“I had many friends, when ‘Friends forever’ started, it changed my life completely, like I became another person.”

This was largely due to having been victim of bullying. “They bothered me since I was a child, that if I was the one in the novel, like ‘Ana’ I had super powers in ‘Friends forever’, that if I was crazy, many things that bothered me, the famous ‘Sapito’, it was always like that bullying, as they saw that it affected me a lot, all the girls took advantage”.

He stated that his stage at the end of elementary school and the three years of high school, “was a very difficult time.” Between the ages of 9 and 17 “I had no friends, the girls bothered me, I would fight in the bathroom, because I always defended the girls who were more shy, that little group of girls who bothered me, I was always there, but she was the strongest of them.

From a very young age she has worked in television forums, recording studios and on stage, for which could not have a normal school lifeeven a childhood and adolescence like any other young girl.

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Belinda is originally from Madrid, Spain. When she was four years old, she moved with her family to Mexico City, where she has lived ever since. part of their He studied primary school at the Colegio Mirafloresbut due to the recordings of “Friends x Forever”, he had to leave them.

He had to continue his studies in an open school during the filming of “Aventuras en el tiempo”, another of the children’s soap operas that he starred in on Televisa. Another of the schools in which she did her studies was the Colegio Westminster, south of Mexico City.