What Manuel Mijares said about the comparisons between Lucerito Mijares and Ángela Aguilar

Contemporary artists have been the center of comparisons for their talent and surname (Photo: @luceromijaresoficial, @ angela_aguilar_ / Instagram)

Manuel Mijares reacted to the constant comparisons of which both are victims Lucero mijares What Angela Aguilar. The singer declared that the talent that both artists possess should not be contrasted, in addition to the fact that his daughter has not ventured into the world of music as a soloist contrary to the trajectory that the granddaughter of Antonio Aguilar and Wild flower.

In an interview for Today, the 63-year-old singer gave his opinion regarding the speculations that revolve around the artistic career of Lucerito Mijares, the result of his relationship with his ex-wife Lucero Hogaza. Mijares denied that there was a conflict between his daughter and the singer of Tell me how you want, contrary to what has been rumored on the internet.

Suddenly they get out there that there are bites between Lucerito and Ángela, that is, zero, there is no competition because the truth has not even made a record [Lucero Mijares]”, He commented.

Silent night Lucero, Lucerito and Mijares
(Photo: screenshot / YouTube)

With this, the interpreter of The privilege of loving ended with the dimes and diretes that pointed to a supposed enmity between the young singers. In addition, he made it clear that such a comparison could not be made because Lucerito has not made his debut in the musical environment as a soloist, in contrast to the early, but fruitful career that Pepe Aguilar’s daughter has at age 18.

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