What relationship do Micky Salas and Andrea Salas have with Stephanie Salas?

Stephanie Salas is one of the actresses who belongs to one of the best-known dynasties in the middle of entertainment in Mexico, but the value that she has attributed to her family goes far beyond fame.

The singer keeps a close relationship with his grandmother Doña Silvia Pinal, as well as her mother, Sylvia Pasquel, who have undoubtedly been important influences on her career in the artistic field. In the same way, the interpreter is very close with her daughters, Michelle Salas and Camila Valero, who are her greatest source of pride and inspiration.

It should be noted that although each one has already taken her own path, at every opportunity they meet and share endearing moments. Another of the great figures in the life of the talented Stephanie Salas has undoubtedly been her father, the musician Micky Salas, who died when she was just a girl.

How was the relationship between Micky Salas and Andrea Salas with Stephanie Salas?

If we remember a long time ago, the singer revealed that her mother decided to hide her death for a while, for fear of hurting her, however, this situation led to a host of feelings with which she had to live for many years.

Not long ago, the interpreter has opened up about it and has revealed what she did to reconcile with herself and with life in the face of that experience that marked her for life.

In a recent interview, the famous Stephanie Salas spoke of the trip she made a few weeks ago to Mazatlan, the city where her father lived and where his remains rest.

“I’m kind of recovering that part of my dad, that he was always very silent.”

That was what the cameras of the Sale el Sol program commented on before, where he also added: “Mazatlán represents a lot for me, it is a place where I grew up with my father… I really love the port of Mazatlán and I had to go, it was very important, it had been a long time.

Stephanie Chambers

For what has been said that Stephanie Salas always got along with her father and her sister, to whom she is very fond, although things were not as easy to assimilate as now that she is older.

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Why did Andrea Salas become famous?

Andrea Salas is a famous TV producer who became more popular after her daughter Daniela Salas became famous on Tik Tok, where they just talked about her experience with Luis Miguel.

That’s right, out of nowhere the witty Dany in 2020 revealed that, in theory, she could be Luis Miguel’s niece and at that time, social networks went crazy because Luis Miguel the Series was successfully broadcast on Netflix.

Given so much insistence, Dany Rdz had to explain how this relationship was possible and the answer was even more surprising, because she is not a distant niece or lost family, her mother is nothing more and nothing less than Stephanie Salas’s half-sister.

It should be noted that the now tik toker Andrea Salas, is not far from the middle of the show, since on some occasion she revealed that from her childhood until she was 21 years old, she participated as a singer in children’s commercials and that her dream was always to be famous, for From that age, he became involved in production within Televisa, a company for which he worked for more than 28 years.

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