What song did Ingrid Coronado compose for Fernando del Solar?

After the sad news that Fernando del Solar passed away yesterday, everyone is accompanying the relatives who are going through a moment of mourning but the fans have also remembered when the driver was a couple of ingrid coronado and how controversial their separation was.

They began their friendship by being hosts on the same program and later formalized their relationship by getting married, although in the end they ended up divorced. However, during the time they were together they were very happy.

That is why the opportunity arose to remember that even though ingrid coronado was already separated from the driver, who died at the age of 49, the driver composed and sang a song for Fernando del Solar in come the joy in 2015.

In the song he talks about what the driver was for Ingrid Coronado

Ingrid Coronado and Fernando del Solar worked together as program hosts. Ingrid Coronado with her first husband, Charly Díaz.

The song was very moving because through the lyrics it explained to Fernando del Solar that he had represented in the life of the driver when he was married, although he also explains some of the bad moments that they lived in their marriage as can be seen in the following fragment.

“I did not put distance between the two, that was your decision. I loved you, no one has cared for you as much as I have, the universe knows that you said goodbye…

Also, she mentions that even though they were no longer together, she wished him the best since he was still the father of her two children: Paolo and Luciano. Also, Ingrid Coronado already announced to them about the death of the driver.

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Who is Ingrid Coronado’s current partner?

Ingrid Coronado with her first husband, Charly Díaz.

ingrid coronado she married the singer first Charlie Lopez in 1998 but divorced in 2004. Later, he married Fernando del Solar in 2012 and separated three years later, in 2015.

Although she has been divorced for several years, the talented host Ingrid Coronado has decided to remain single to date.

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