What songs will the students of La Academia perform this week?

‘The academy‘ will arrive this weekend again with controversies accompanied by musical numbers, while the students already know what the songs will be.

After the request of the juries to change musical genres and take the students out of their comfort zone, the musical director alexander ach seems to follow his own instinct.

In the midst of doubt about the permanence of Emilio, a student who asks to leave due to anxiety, the program has distributed the songs to sing in the next two galas.

Cast of songs for the third concert

We have the third week of the reality show at the door and the students have already been notified of the songs to perform in the following galas.

The Academy 20 years Schedule and where to watch ‘The Academy’ live

For the concert of Saturday June 25the production again put together duets and a trio, being formed as follows:

  • Andrés, Jackie and Santiago: I ask you please by Juan Gabriel
  • Fernanda and Eduardo: For loving you like this by Cristian Castro
  • Issabela and Nelson: Blame me for Demi Lovato and Luis Fonsi
  • Sea and Ruby: Tusa by Karol G
  • Zunio and Cesia: You would have left before Julión Álvarez
  • Mariana and Emilio: Bubbles of Love by Juan Luis Guerra

for the gala of Sunday June 26the students will have the enormous challenge of getting the caste with great themes:

  • Andrés: Beautiful Lady of Emmanuel
  • Cesia: But I remember you by Christina Aguilera
  • Eduardo: The poison of Carín León and Grupo Firme
  • Emilio: The Sinaloan from Banda el Recodo
  • Fernanda: Back, Back by Vicente Fernández
  • Isabela: Both of Jesse and Joy
  • Jackie: That was Juan Gabriel
  • Sea: Weed by Alejandra Guzmán
  • Mariana: Fey’s Bitter Sugar
  • Nelson: I was born again by Carlos Vives
  • Ruby: Matisse’s own moon
  • Santiago: Espinoza Paz’s Normal Man
  • Zunio: And if it were her by Alejandro Sanz

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Schedule and where to see live ‘The Academy’

Schedule and where to see live ‘The Academy’

the controversial reality show that leads the entertainment news is broadcast twice a week, having two galas on Saturday and Sunday.

For Saturday’s edition, the eliminated contestant was Emerald and on Sunday, Alexandra Sonora was the one who received the fewest votes.

‘The academy’ It will be broadcast again this weekend, where by orders of the musical director there will be another two eliminated in each gala.

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