What was Irma Dorantes’ real name and why did she change it?

“Irma Dorantes” is the artistic name of Irma Aguirre Martínez (Photo: IMDb)

Irma Dorantes She began her career at a very young age and without her stage name, but seeing her image grow, she had to find an alias, with which she would be recognized nationally since her childhood. 16 years.

Irma is known for her long career in the cinema during the Golden erabecause when he was four years old he began to work in the industry of entertainment. She was initially known for her real name, Irma Aguirre Martinezbut was forced to find a artistic surname.

Although the actress was born in MeridaYucatán, from his first year of life he reached the Mexico City with her mother, who was looking for a better future for her and her daughter. At the age of four, Irma began her career with contests, the first was at XEW singing songs from cri cri.

the child stars It was the contest for amateurs with which Irma began to gain experience in the show, she began to sing thanks to her mother realizing that she had a good voice to do so. Later, she also encouraged her to act, because since she was a child Dorantes found it easy to learn her scripts.

Irma Dorantes Golden Age
Irma began her artistic career with her real name, keeping it until she was 16 (Photo: INAH)

That is why he started high school at the National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA), where a school for young talents was opened. However, she, Irma, saw her education compromised, because by then she had several roles in children’s movies. Since then, the actress was recognized in the world of acting without seeing the need to make changes to her name.

Shortly after beginning to land her first major roles, Irma had to change her name, as is customary among celebrities in order to attract more attention, because having a name that better heard or easier to rememberfor the public it is easier to keep in mind and that could help you catapult your fame nationally.

In her case, the actress decided leave their two surnames aside, but keep your first name. She didn’t have to look far to find her full alias, as she chose to take one of her parents’ last names that more suited her image and sounded good alongside “Irma.”

Irma Dorantes Golden Age
Irma participated in about 70 films, but in just over 60 they have her stage name in the credits (Photo: INAH)

It was his mother Grace Martinez, who was surnamed Dorantes on his mother’s side. Despite not being a surname with which she was registered at birth, she Irma managed to rise to fame with him.

Starting in 1950, when the histrionic She was 16, she started calling herself “Irma Dorantes”, leaving behind his real name. However, in his first credited film, vagabondit is found as Irma Aguirre.

Since his name was still not recognized, in the second film in which he had credit, doctor on call, was put as “Irma Dorante”. However, from then on he continued his career calling himself artistically as he is now popularly known.

Irma Dorantes is credited for at least 80 productionssince he made more than 70 films, most of them during the Golden Age of Mexican cinema and its decline, as well as 15 soap operas.

Irma Dorantes and Pedro Infante nicknames they used
Irma retired from the artistic world when she married Pedro Infante and resumed her career with the death of her husband (Photo: Twitter/@IrmaInfante55)

The singer also managed to get her name recognized as she starred in a equestrian event for about 14 years after the death of Pedro Infante. In this way he not only became independent from the image of the Idol of Guamuchilbut he managed to get his daughter, Irma Infante, forward.

In addition to Irma, Dolores del Rio, Gloria Marin, Katty de Hoyos, Nino Seville or Mapy Cortesamong others, decided to change their name to make their way in the entertainment industry.


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