What was the height of Pedro Infante?

The stature of Pedro Infante when he lived he was from 177 cmwhile his weight was 72 kg. Pedro Infante Cruz was born in Mazatlán, Sinaloa on November 18, 1917 and died in Mérida, Yucatán on April 15, 1957.

He was a Mexican singer and actor, one of the icons of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, as well as one of the great representatives of ranchera music. Starting in 1939 he appeared in more than 60 films, and since 1943 he has recorded approximately 310 songs.

If you want to know how was the death of Pedro Infante, then AmericanPost.News He shares details of his physical figure, as well as the way in which this renowned actor died in a plane crash.

What was Pedro Infante’s height and weight?

Height and weight of Pedro Infante Physical of Pedro Infante

The stature of the actor of the golden cinema, as we commented previously, was 1.77 meters, and he kept an approximate weight of 73 kilos. Other data of your physical are:

  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Ethnic: White

What was Pedro Infante like physically?

Pedro Infante’s Physique

Although it was the time of black and white television, physically, Pedro Infante was the most attractive and handsome actor that the show business had.

The physical features of the Guamúchil idol they were different. She had small eyes, a thick nose, a round face, and large recesses, something that today might be out of the beauty standards that magazines handle.

What characterized the singer and actress was his Well-combed hair and trimmed mustache. Due to his activities, Pedro Infante had a triangle-shaped body, according to beauty standards, that is, a wide back and a short waist, which could jump a little today in the aesthetics of the attractive man.

How did Pedro Infante die?

Pedro Infante’s death was the April 15, 1957, the actor lost his life in a plane crash At the age of 39, “El Ídolo de México” was at the peak of his career, when death required it.

That day Pedro boarded a cargo plane at the Mérida airport, in which Víctor Manuel Vidal Lorca was traveling as pilot, the actor as co-pilot and Marciano Bautista was the mechanic.

In addition to aviation, Pedro had almost three thousand flight hours, only a few minutes had passed since takeoff when the ship collapsed from about 20 meters high, crashing in the courtyard of a house in Mérida. A woman who washed clothes and her son were other victims of the tragedy.

In addition to the stature of Pedro Infante, we invite you to know his biography and the films with which he became famous, you only need to enter our content to know all the information.

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