What was the hint that Babo de Cartel de Santa sent to youtuber Roberto Martínez

Babo not only showed the fragment from his social networks, but also showed a screenshot (Photo: IG @robertomtztv/@babo_cartel)

The famous MC Babo, Mexican rapper and founder of Cartel de Santa, was involved in a series of bickering with youtuber Roberto Martínez.

It was from your account Instagram where the singer took up some statements made by the influencer, who specializes in interviewing celebrities, during a talk with Adrián Marcelo on his podcast Creative. There, Martinez told his guest that he had already applied to the founder of santa poster your collaboration, but that he had rejected it.

“Babo is also an open invitation. I have sent him messages […] But then I do not take the rejection personally, “he added at the time.

Faced with this situation, Babo not only showed the fragment from his social networks, but also showed a screenshot where you can see an empty conversation with Roberto Martínez and where there is only a message from the singer where he asks the youtuber what it means.

what message did you send me liar?”, you can read.

Until now Martínez has not said anything about it and the interpreter of Ecstasy He did not give more details about the situation.

Babo vs. Roberto Martinez
The rapper evidenced the influencer from his social networks (Photo: IG @babo_cartel)

Internet users quickly reacted and had mixed opinions regarding Babo’s statements.

“Well, Babo is a little outgoing so to conclude that he was upset because I don’t know Rick, maybe the guy wanted to screw him up by exposing him as he is, so badly spoken and carried, but they have already invited him and he does go, but he has the right to choose where he wants to appear and with whom!” or “I say delete the messages of the invitations, And even more so if there were several, you don’t have to beg people if they just ignore you, right?” were some of the comments on social networks.

One of the most recent interviews that Roberto Martínez conducted was with the controversial influencer, Yoseline Hoffman, who left the Santa Martha Acatitla prison after spending five months in prison for alleged child pornography crimes.

In Creative explained what will happen with his career on YouTube, as well as in other areas. “I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen right with my channels. What I plan to do is a book. input”, He said.

babo santa cartel (Photo: Instagram@babo_cartel)
Babo was the founder of Cartel de Santa (Photo: [email protected]_cartel)

About the image you seek to project YosStop She mentioned that she will seek to be more reflective. During his stay in prison he wrote countless thoughts, he even filled whole notebooks. That is why his publications during his detention distanced himself from how he was on YouTube., he explained. “It’s this duality, where we feel good and other days where the world comes crashing down on you,” he said.

On the other hand, he explained that he no longer feels like before. According to the content creator, the experience in prison radically changed her and now she notices certain irresponsibility that she committed in the past.

To end the broadcast Creative, Roberto Martínez joked that he did pay YosStop so he can have her on his popular show. Hilariously, he mentioned that his recording studio remodel was put on hold due to the expense involved.

In other highlights of his interview was when he said that when he left the first things he did was undergo medical studies. Yoseline resented returning home, due to the fact that in prison she had low vitamins, as well as not being able to sunbathe affected her. However, he said it was nothing serious.


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