What was the reason why Héctor Montaner did not attend the wedding of his brother Ricky and Stefi Roitman

On January 8, 2022, Ricardo Montaner lived one of the happiest moments of his life after his third son, Ricky, married Stefi Rotiman in a dream wedding in Exaltación de La Cruz, Argentina, a ceremony and party that was very secretive and attended by only family and close friends.

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The marriage brought to the surface the feelings of the attendees, especially the Argentine singer, who could not contain his tears when he sang the song “Bésame”, dedicated to the newlyweds. Without a doubt, a moment that moved the artist, and it was not for less, because as he himself said, Ricky was the only one of his five children who still needed to get married, so now he felt fulfilled.

However, in the leaked postcards of the day of the wedding, something powerfully caught people’s attention: Missing from the family photo was Héctor Montaner, Ricardo’s second son, the fruit of his first marriage to Ale Vaz.

As a result of his absence, a series of speculations began to emerge that gave rise to uncertainty, so many want to know the real reasons why he was not in such an important event.

Almost all of Ricardo Montaner’s children appear in the family photograph, except Héctor (Photo: Ricky Montaner / Instagram)


It was Ricardo Montaner himself, who decided to end the speculation and reveal the reasons that led one of his eldest sons not to be at his brother Ricky’s wedding, the result of his union with Marlene Rodríguez.

“My son Héctor, unfortunately, could not come because he is just processing, finishing his American residency, because he is Venezuelan, and he cannot leave the United States until the process is complete; for that reason, neither Héctor nor the family could [estar]”, said in an interview with the Argentine television program “Mañanísima con Carmen”.

As reported, Ricky Montaner’s marriage ceremony and party were held in Argentina, the country where Stefi Roitman and her family originated. Therefore, all the relatives of one of the most celebrated singer-songwriters in Latin America had to go to the South American country, where he sang some of his songs.

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Although he couldn’t physically be at his brother Ricky and Stefi’s wedding, the interpreter of “I’m going to miss” said that he managed for his second son who also enjoyed such an important event, for this he made use of technology, something that was forbidden to the guests.

“The only son who couldn’t come, unfortunately it was Héctor, who couldn’t travel. But it was the same because you saw that cell phones were not allowed, I had one and I called him on Facetime and then I put them on all the time. They were able to see the wedding in real time without any problems”, he pointed.

Regarding Ricky’s wedding, both the artist and his wife Marlene were very happy. “It was a very strong moment for the family at the level of emotion, at the level of feelings it was something very strong. It was the consolidation of the marriage of our last unmarried son; therefore, in that sense we close as the agency says and we are already complete”.

Ricardo Montaner's second son also followed in his footsteps (Photo: Héctor Montaner / Instagram)

Ricardo Montaner’s second son also followed in his footsteps (Photo: Héctor Montaner / Instagram)


Héctor Montaner is the second son of the interpreter of “I’m going to miss”, the result of his first marriage to Ana Vaz. He was born on August 20, 1981 in Maracaibo, Venezuela; although he currently resides in the United States.

He is an author, composer and singer, performer of the song “Amor del Bueno”. On his YouTube channel “Héctor Montaner Oficial” he uploaded videos of his work as an artist. He has also collaborated with artists such as the group CNCO or Abraham Mateo. If you want to know more about him CLICK HERE.