What were the states where there were more layoffs in the last months of 2022

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its latest report on State Job Vacancies and Staff Turnover (JOLTS), corresponding to the month of February, where it releases estimates of the number and rate of vacancies , hiring, total separations, resignations and layoffs for the total nonfarm sector for all states and the District of Columbia.

As far as the number of layoffs the BLS noted that the rate increased in 6 states and decreased in 4 in February.

The largest increases in layoffs occurred in Maryland, with 21,000; Illinois, with 20,000 and New Jersey, with 19,000.

According to the report, the states The largest declines in layoffs were recorded in Ohio, at -40,000; Florida, -21,000 and Washington, -19,000.

The Office notes that at the national level, the number of layoffs and dismissals was little changed during the first two months of the year:

Total US layoffs January 2022: 1,403,000

Total US layoffs February 2022: 1,386,000

Variation: -17,000


Total layoffs January 2022: 91,000

Total layoffs February 2022: 70,000

Variation: -21,000


Total layoffs January 2022: 47,000

Total layoffs February 2022: 67,000

Variation: 20,000


Total layoffs January 2022: 21,000

Total layoffs February 2022: 14,000

Variation: -7,000


Total layoffs January 2022: 7,000

Total layoffs February 2022: 14,000

Variation: 7,000


Total layoffs January 2022: 14,000

Total layoffs February 2022: 35,000

Variation: 21,000


Total layoffs January 2022: 11,000

Total layoffs February 2022: 29,000

Variation: 18,000


Total layoffs January 2022: 19,000

Total layoffs February 2022: 29,000

Variation: 10,000

New Jersey

Total layoffs January 2022: 20,000

Total layoffs February 2022: 39,000

Variation: 19,000


Total layoffs January 2022: 76,000

Total layoffs February 2022: 36,000

Variation: -40,000


Total layoffs January 2022: 65,000

Total layoffs February 2022: 50,000

Variation: -15,000


Total layoffs January 2022: 52,000

Total layoffs February 2022: 33,000

Variation: -19,000

Regarding the percentage of layoff rates for February, these increased in 6 states and decreased in 4. The highest rates occurred in Mississippi (+1.6 percentage points), Maryland (+0.8 points) and Kansas (+0.5 points). The largest declines in layoff rates occurred in Ohio (-0.7 percentage points), Washington (-0.5 points), and Iowa (-0.4 points). Nationwide, the number of layoffs and furloughs changed little during the month.

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