What will happen to Silvia Pinal’s theater

This is what the “Silvia Pinal” theater looks like (Photos: Instagram/@silvia-pinal-fanmx/ México Es Cultura: La Billboard Nacional)

the first actress Silvia Pinal She has been present in the media after suffering from COVID-19 and even spending a few days in a hospital in Mexico City. Now your son Luis Enrique Guzman He confessed how true it is that the artist was about to lose the theater that bears his name and what will happen to him now.

The also son of Enrique Guzmán mentioned that he was not sure that this news was true since at no time was he aware of it, however, what had been a reality was the lack of sponsors that the cultural venue had due to various topics, the main one being the global pandemic by COVID-19, as well as the few quality stories that could be adapted or the lack of interest of the Mexican public in attending live performance events.

“I don’t think they wanted to take it away, but many businessmen and many producers walked away precisely because it was impossible to have such a contact and also with decency and eloquence in reverse. It was that people had a difficult experience and then they had to go to another place or another side, ”he expressed before the cameras of come the joy.

The actress is 90 years old File photo of the Mexican actress Silvia Pinal during an interview with Efe, in <a class=Mexico City. EFE/Sashenka Gutiérrez
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The actress is 90 years old File photo of the Mexican actress Silvia Pinal during an interview with Efe, in Mexico City. EFE/Sashenka Gutierrez (Sashenka Gutierrez/)

In a very discreet way, the son of the Pinal dynasty clarified how Monica Marban I manage the place that for many attendees, and even Horacio Villalobos himself, is in “very bad condition”, for which he assured that they are in talks to end the employment relationship in the most respectful way possible due to the affection that the first actress has for him. has her, and for her services rendered over a period of time.

We are in the process of liquidating it precisely so that there are no longer any problems.. We also do not want to cause, or cause, problems for my mother, because my mother has a friendship of many years and all that is respected, but it is already a new era in which we need to move things and not just leave them parked there, ” he added.

Luis Enrique Guzmán assured that it is the Pinal family that has been responsible for the expenses of permits and maintenance that the venue needs. The old Diego Rivera theater was founded on May 2, 1991; later it took the name of the matriarch of one of the most popular families in the country. Renowned personalities from the world of Mexican and Latin entertainment have been presented in this forum.

This is what the theater looks like
This is what the “Silvia Pinal” theater looks like (Photo: Mexico Is Culture: The National Billboard)

“What is maintenance and payments, permits, all of that is being done directly from here in the office, so thank God all of that was not in their hands,” he mentioned when asked if there would be legal problems due to economic issues regarding to payments of services or what corresponded to him for his liquidation.

On what will happen to the popular venue, he replied that after more than two years apparently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the social and economic problems that Mexicans are still going through due to the closure and total -or partial- stoppage of work activities and recreational, the dynasty will take action on the matter.

sylvia and sylvia
Sylvia would be interested in the reactivation project (Photo: Instagram/@sylviapasqueloficial)

My sisters, me, my mom now we can start walking a little or do we want to start the theater again to give quality theaterto be able to bring works from abroad as well as to be able to put on quality plays, musicals, everything that my mother would have wanted,” she commented.

Luis Enrique ended by mentioning that both Alejandra Guzman What Sylvia Pinal They are more united than ever to be able to reactivate the project that unfortunately has not been able to open as they wanted due to lack of economic budget. At the moment the first actress would be in talks to make a documentary about her life.


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