What would a 20-hour Qantas economy flight look like?

About 20 hour flight of Qantas, which pretends to be one of the longer in the world, the company has not given many details about the new features it would have the economy class.

What do you have contemplated? 140 places in the back of the planes, which will not have stopovers, despite this the specialized aviation journalist Ian Petchenik shared what he envisions will be new to this area of ​​the plane.

direct flights from qantas to Sydney from London and New York economy class would have seats with comfortable foams covered by special fabrics, a considerable recline, a comfortable headrest.

As well as a footrest under the seat, which in this case would be a hammock for the feet, another airline that has opted for long flights is Cathay Pacific, which will avoid being in Russia on its way.

More features of the Qantas 20 hour flight

More features of Qantas’ 20-hour flight AIFA Flights

The space between house amounts is another factor that seeks to make a trip more comfortablein this case the company could offer in its air travel from 89 to 91 centimeters for the legs.

Which would make it easier to stretch out and take a comfortable position, being qantas an Australian company is likely to choose to place nine transverse seats of more than 45 centimeters widewhich would help make the long journey more bearable.

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AIFA flights

AIFA flights

To increase the influx at the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA), they have announced discounts from 25% on flights, of the main airlines of Mexico.

They would be for trips that have this airport as their starting point and that their destination is cancunhave pointed out that this is due to the limited operation that it has had since it began its operations, last March 21st.

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