WhatsApp: how to delete the chat that occupies the most memory on your phone

Some chats on WhatsApp usually take up a large space in the phone memory.

Photo: Dimitri Karastelev / Unsplash

It is no secret to anyone that the storage capacity of a phone is seriously affected by the amount of images and videos accumulated in its gallery.. However, there are other applications that also contribute to this problem, such as WhatsApp. Being the most used messaging app in the world and on which our daily lives depend, the amount of files that accumulate in each chat can be enormous if voice notes are also considered, one of its most used tools.

Fortunately, there are several ways to erase all the information contained in WhatsApp chats, especially in the heaviest, following very few steps:

Option 1

1. On the phone’s home screen, open WhatsApp to access your conversations.

Screenshot of an iPhone showing startup with applications
Capture of the home screen on an iPhone where the WhatsApp app is indicated.

2. Once inside, choose those that take up more space on the phone, such as group chats, which tend to accumulate many images, videos and voice notes from different sources. Click on the conversation and move it to the right to reveal the three-dot button that leads to the configuration menu.

Screenshot of WhatsApp startup
Screenshot showing how to access the menu to empty a chat on WhatsApp.

3. By clicking on the three points, the menu with several options will be displayed, among them is “Empty chat”. Click on it to delete all the content accumulated up to that moment once this action is confirmed.

Screenshot showing the WhatsApp chats configuration menu
Screenshot showing the WhatsApp chats configuration menu.

Option 2

There is another way a little more complicated to delete all the information contained in a WhatsApp chat, but it is still simple.

1. Open the conversation you want to empty and click on the name of the contact or group to access all its information.

Screenshot of a chat on WhatsApp
Screenshot of a group chat on WhatsApp.

2. Once all the contact information is displayed on the screen, click on the option “Files, links and documents” to have a complete view of all that has been shared up to that point in that conversation.

Screenshot of a chat on WhatsApp
Screenshot of contact information in a WhatsApp group.

3. A gallery composed of all the files that have been sent or received each month will be displayed. If the chat has never been emptied, this gallery can be really large and may be taking up a lot of space.

4. The option “Select” will appear in the upper right corner, on which you must click if you want to make a particular selection of the files to be deleted. You can also have the option to select everything at once. As soon as the selection begins, the “Select” option will change to “Cancel” to skip the process at any time.

Screenshot of a chat on WhatsApp
Screenshot of the files within a group chat on WhatsApp.

4. Once the selection is made, just click on the trash can icon located in the lower right corner to delete the files and free up space on the phone.

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