When did Maribel Guardia participate in Miss Universe?

Discover Maribel Guardia's participation in Miss Universe 1978, where she won Miss Photogenic. See photos of the actress at 19 and learn about the contest.

Maribel Guardia’s participation in Miss Universe was in 1978. And although the beautiful Costa Rican did not qualify among the semifinalists, she won the Miss Photogenic award.

Before reaching the Miss Universe contest, Maribel Guardia won the crown of Miss Costa Rica. With it, she was worthy of participating in one of the most important beauty contests in the world: “Miss Universe,” which on that occasion was held in Acapulco, Mexico.

Suppose you want to know the incredible photos of Maribel Guardia when she was 19 years old. In that case, American Post News shares everything about the Miss Universe pageant, where she was able to make her way as an actress.

How old was Maribel Guardia at Miss Universe in 1978?

Maribel’s age at Miss Universe Crowns of Miss Universe in Costa Rica

The participation of actress in Miss Universe at the age of 19. In Maribel Guardia’s Instagram, she shared an unpublished photo of that year and said: “The year I competed for Miss Universe, I was also sent to Miss World because the representative who had to go got sick, and it was amazing to know England, I was among the 15 finalists. When she returned from that contest, Televisa contacted her to offer her a scholarship to the first acting academy they founded, EON. Later, they changed the name to CEA.

Who was Miss Universe in 1978?

The winner of Miss Universe 1978 was 18-year-old model Margaret Gardiner of South Africa, who became the first representative of her country to win the title. In 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, 22, was the second South African to win the pageant.

A total of seventy-five contestants, representing an equal number of countries and territories, competed in this version of the contest, which was held for the fourth time in Latin America.

Almost 43 years after having participated in Miss Universe, she revealed some less-known details about her participation and recounted that there was no sponsorship in her year of reign as Miss Costa Rica.

Remembering this crown that was very old, it was missing many pebbles, it passed from queen to queen; the same crown for many years, in my beloved #costarica. But I was proud to wear it. I remember that the year I won there were no sponsors or budget,” she said in an Instagram publication.

She also added: “I didn’t have enough money for the evening gown for the #missuniverse pageant, and a designer friend gave me a very simple dress with a lot of effort, his name was Fernando and I remember him with much affection and gratitude“.

However, despite the difficulties she said it was a beautiful experience that marked her for the rest of her life: “We must never forget those who reached out to us when we needed it. Kisses,” she concluded.

How many Miss Universe crowns does Costa Rica have?

Miss Universe crowns in Costa Rica

So far, Costa Rica does not have any Miss Universe crowns. The nation with the highest number of winners is the United States, with eight. During Maribel Guardia’s participation in Miss Universe she won the Miss Photogenic award.

And this is how she looked like at 61:

And at 63: