When he was 14 years old he was blamed for the death of his mother, 23 years later he could be free for a wrong accusation

After 23 years a man from Kansas could get out of prison.

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When Michael Politte was 14 he was flagged down by the Kansas police as a suspect in his mother’s death for not showing emotion in the face of what happened, 23 years later he could go free for having been wrongly accused of having killed his mother.

The case was one of the most notorious of 1998 because the then teenager found his mother Rita dead inside her burning mobile home in Kansas, Missouri.

At the time it was announced that when the police arrived at the scene they found a immobile son Faced with the facts and it was even revealed that Michael Politte was cold at the death of his mother and that he did not shed a single tear for her, which immediately showed him as the main suspect in the death and found him guilty of murder in second grade.

As reported by the USA Today newspaper, in 2002 the then 16-year-old was sentenced to prison Already 23 years into the case, it has begun to leak that Michael Politte could leave prison in 2022.

And it is that the investigations carried out since then have revealed that a human being does not always react in the same way to a traumatic event, so the lack of emotion of Rita’s son was not enough evidence to blame him for her death.

One of the only tests that at the time the police found supposed gasoline was in his shoes, an indication that the authorities identified him as the main author of having lit the house.

The alleged evidence led to Michael Politte being sentenced to life, according to the aforementioned newspaper, Missouri officials have since recognized that such evidence was flawed.

Years later it became known that the substance was not gasoline, but chemicals which at the time led him to be his mother’s main suspect.

Michael Politte revealed to the same medium: “At the time they laid their eyes on me. It was easy for them to assume that I was responsible because I was the only person alive, apart from a friend, in my house. Then they began to analyze my behavior.

It also pointed out that his behavior was taken in a subjective way: “They tried in my place how they would feel, how they should have acted when they found my mother burning on the ground and since it was not to their liking, in their eyes, I was guilty.”

In the 90s, Michael Politte was arrested and convicted of a crime that he claims he did not commit, in addition, the young man’s lawyers revealed that the one who forgot to investigate was Rita’s ex-husband who weeks before his death threatened to take his life after a important financial settlement against him for the divorce.

The defendant’s future could change in the next few days when a jury dictates his release after 23 years behind bars.

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