When is the next bridge in the SEP 2022 school calendar?

Mexico.- Although this May 2022 It could have been the first bank holiday of the month, the students and some workers did not enjoy it because it fell on a Sunday. However, the fifth ms of the year brings more long weekends.

According to the school calendar Ministry of Public Education and Culture (SEPyC), where bridges and vacation periods of the year are indicated, due to the activities of the federal agency, a mega bridge is approaching to enjoy it to the fullest and take advantage of it to go out to the different tourist destinations that the Mexican Republic has.

When is the next bridge in May?

Despite the fact that workers will no longer have days off in the remainder of this month of May, those who will be able to enjoy days without going to school will be students from different school grades.

The next bridge this May will take place on days 27, 28 and 29, that is, it will start on a Friday and end on a Sunday. The reason for this long weekend is that the School Technical Council will be held, so the basic level students, that is, preschool, primary and secondary school, will have 3 days off.

So families who want to take advantage of the last bank holiday this month can start making plans now in order to balance their vacations with their jobs or different activities to be able to spend a mini vacation period in the places that the national territory offers.

What is the School Technical Council?

In recent years, the meetings of the School Technical Council were implemented, which are held every last Friday of each month. These meetings are made up of preschool, primary and secondary levels.

In addition to taking place on the last Friday of each month, these basic education gatherings also take place before each start of the school year, and the director of the educational center and all the teachers who are part of it must attend them.

The purpose of the School Technical Council is expose plans and comments about the problems, achievements and pedagogical needs detected by teachers in relation to students.

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Among the problems that are sought to address and solve are the little reading by students, as well as poor writing and learning mathematics, this through sharing ideas, experiences and different points of view on how to analyze them and give them a response for the benefit of the student body.

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