“When it’s bad, it’s the worst”, Nacho Palau, ex-partner of Miguel Bosé, reveals what separated them as a couple

Mexico. Miguel Bosé and Nacho Palau were a couple for almost thirty years, they formed a family with four children who had a surrogate mother, but their relationship ended and not on the best terms.

In a recent interview for the magazine Diez Minutos de España, Nacho Palau reveals what deteriorated his relationship with Miguel Bosé to the point of ending it. “When Miguel is good, he is very good, and when he is bad, he is the worst,” he says.

During the time that Miguel Bosé and the sculptor Nacho Palau were together, they spoke little publicly about their relationship, but after it was made public that they were no longer a couple, the media and headlines in magazines and newspapers began to allude to them.

Unfortunately for both, the end of their relationship did not take place on the best terms. and it ended up in court, since both were “fighting” to keep their children; Miguel stayed with both of his and Nacho, who lives in Valencia, Spain, with the other two.

Palau has stated on several occasions that as brothers they are, the children should be together and the court is studying the case.

Nacho Palau. instagram photo

Regarding their relationship, Palau highlights in the interview that they always characterized her as being good, even for that reason they resorted to surrogacy, and after “breaking up as a couple”, the famous singer decided that they would each stay with two children.

Palau refers to Miguel Bosé that he was always characterized by having control and the reins in the relationship they had. “Miguel always imposed his criteria, and he did so more and more. That and other things undermined the relationship,” says Nacho.

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The total and inevitable breakup would occur in Panama, in 2014. “It was tremendous, we got along fatally. I was fatal from that relationship. His behavior, his character and way of being, everything was tremendous. Miguel, when he is good, is very good, and when he is bad, he is the worst”, says Palau to Diez Minutos de España.

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