When Laura G had a serious car accident: she was handcuffed and no “friends” came to help her

In one of the recent broadcasts of the morning “Venga la alegría”, one of the stellar shows of TV Azteca during the section “The secret files” by El Capi Pérez, the television host Laura G. told about that time when he had a car accident in Mexico City, for driving while intoxicated. None of her “friends” came to her aid. and was taken to the separations of a delegation.

“It has never been a secret that I have lived my life to the fullest,” said Laura G, who a few years ago was the host of the show “Sabadazo” on Televisa. In addition, expressed that in her 20’s she was very partying, traveler, infatuated and everything.

Laura G told El Capi Pérez that on a certain occasion, during her party season, during a meeting the glasses were passedbut remained a “responsible drunk” to some extent.

She had already arrived home, she was in her room ready to sleep, when a friend called her on the phone, “she says: ‘what’s up Lau? I’m really sick, can you come get me? I’m going to get her, the problem is that I was worse, but I went for her, I left her at her house and I never got to mine”.

After leaving her friend at her house, Laura G had a serious car accident in front of a very famous church in CDMX“the car turned over, people said: ‘she’s dead, she’s dead!’, there was a lot of blood, I got out and: ‘let me go, leave me'”.

Leaving her car, the driver of “Come the joy” She fainted and was taken to a hospital.. Subsequently, Some policemen, seeing that she was fine, handcuffed her and took her to the cellars..

“I had no experience in crashes, the police were there and they told me: ‘how do you feel? I’m fine, thank you very much for asking’, and then they handcuffed me, took me to the separated ones and I was there until my parents They came from Monterrey very worried.

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Laura G mentioned that one of the biggest lessons i learned that day, was to really get to know the people who called themselves friends“not a friend answered the phone that day. In the end I stopped being one of those friends and I also learned my lesson (not to drive while intoxicated).”