When Poncho De Nigris and his wife fought for the popularity of Karely Ruiz in networks

A few years ago Karely Ruiz, 21 years old, unleashed a strong fight between Nigris Poncho and his wife Marcela MistralWell, the first one was looking for love in the Half and Half program, while marriage was part of the driving where there was always controversy, but one day everything got out of control.

And it is that Marcela Mistral asked Karely Ruiz why she had so many followers on social networks, answering that she was an influencer, after these comments the wife of Poncho De Nigris got too angry, because at that time she started with her Only Fans account, something that he didn’t mean on tv.

Although the judge confronted the participant to tell the truth, she let her know that one of the reasons why she did not let her children use social networks was because of the way she dedicated herself to work, for which Poncho De Nigris he got in and said that his wife’s annoyance was because the model had more followers than her.

After the declaration of the also mexican influencer Marcela Mistral with a very upset look, was about to leave the program, but De Nigris told her that it was a joke and that he would leave first before things got out of control, because the public made fun of the joke too much. of the presenter who had no choice but to leave the forum.

This program is still one of the most controversial due to the various fights that arose at the time, but without a doubt this battle was one of the most epic when exposing the marriage of these two celebrities with one of the most popular models of social networks Until now.

“Marcela has always made me an empowered and intelligent woman, but I feel that at least the girl does not steal from public coffers like Marcela’s and Poncho’s friends”, “I think Marcela is NOBODY to judge the lives of others if We also saw a naked photo of Poncho and her, for treating this girl so badly, Marcela should be fired,” write the networks.

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