When will Eugenio Derbez’s Sundance-awarded Radical movie be released?

After its success at the Sundance Film Festival 2023, the film will hit theaters in Mexico and the United States in October 2023.

Eugenio Derbez, acclaimed for his role in “La familia P. Luche” and recent appearances in “No Se Aceptan Devoluciones”, now graces the silver screen with “Radical,” a film that brings to life the true story of a dedicated teacher in Mexico. Directed by Christopher Zalla and co-written with Joshua Davis, this feature promises to be more than just another educational drama.

“Radical” was unveiled at the Sundance Film Festival 2023 on January 19. Its powerful narrative and compelling portrayal of real-life events helped it clinch the audience award: the Festival Favorite Award. A few months later, the poignant story is set to captivate audiences in Mexico and the United States, with its release scheduled for October 20, 2023.

En "Radical", el profesor Sergio tiene una forma de enseñanza diferente (Foto: IFC Films)
In “Radical,” teacher Sergio has a different way of teaching (Photo: IFC Films).

The film’s plot centers on Sergio Juarez, a teacher who finds himself in an abandoned school located in a border town in Mexico. Despite the overwhelming challenges, Sergio remains committed to the school and its students, whom he wholeheartedly believes can thrive. Unlike conventional films that focus solely on the educator’s journey, “Radical” delves deeper, shedding light on the students’ lives and the hardships they navigate.

According to the official synopsis, “What will become of the sixth graders at the José Urbina López elementary school in Matamoros? They come from an oppressive environment plagued by violence and suffer some of the worst academic scores in all of Mexico. The school itself has an oppressive, draconian atmosphere. But in a place where hope seems distant, Sergio Juarez discovers a glimmer of possibility. Without a clear plan in mind, he takes an ad hoc approach to teaching, striving to make a difference.”

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This is Radical’s trailer:

While Derbez takes the lead, the film also showcases the talents of Daniel Haddad, Jennifer Trejo, and Mia Fernanda Soli. Their performances and the gripping storyline are expected to resonate with audiences worldwide.

The trailer for “Radical” offers a glimpse of what viewers can anticipate. It can be viewed here.