When will Exatlón México All Stars be broadcast again?

It is soon to reach the great denouement of Exathlon Mexico All Starsthe most amazing competition of all the previous seasons and in AmericanPost.News We bring you all the details.

After weeks of competition, the first installment of Mexico’s favorite reality show is gearing up for its grand finale however, many are already wondering when he will return.

With Heliud Pulido as the favorite for champion, the show could soon be back for the enjoyment of its millions of viewers.

Exatlón México All Stars comes to an end

Exatlón México All Stars comes to an end. When will the next season be held?

After the recent premiere of “La Voz Kids”, the broadcast of competitions moved its transmission schedules to Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

As is customary in previous seasons, this Saturday there will be no broadcast and they will resume on Sunday to meet the current champion.

The order of the eliminated would be the following, Wednesday will be Araujo Duck who will say goodbye to reality, on Thursday Evelyn Pebble will be eliminated and Friday the last to leave will be David.

In that sense, the eliminations will lead to the three great finalists, Koke Guerrero, Matti Álvarez and Heilud Pulido.

When will the next season be?

When will the next season be?

Even though this season does not end and the viewing public is already asking when the second broadcast of this modality will come out All Stars.

for now Aztec TV is concentrating on the new seasons of The Voice, MasterChef, Survivor and the new reality show Soy Famoso, get me out of here, so the Exathlon Mexico All Stars You’ll have to wait.

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