When will Santa Fe Klan and Maya Nazor’s baby be born?

the rapper Santa Fe Klan and his girlfriend maya nazarhave just announced that they are expecting their first baby, whom they will call Lukebut the unknown of the fans is about when it will be born.

The media has just revealed it, since the beautiful woman from Cuernavaca, Morelos, mentioned that she is already between 5 and 6 months pregnant, so if the accounts do not fail, the baby would be born between June and July.

This has excited the preja and her fans a lot, since it will not be long before she meets the first son of rapper Ángel Quezada. On the other hand, many applaud the ability to hide the news, although there were already many rumors of a pregnancy due to various signs.

Signs that Maya Nazor was pregnant

Signs that Maya Nazor was pregnant

First of all, the beautiful Maya stopped sharing photos on her official Instagram account despite the fact that she kept her profile very updated with dozens of full-body images.

On the other hand, many people realized that he shared photos from several months ago, and there was no current content of the couple, which raised even more suspicions about a pregnancy.

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