“Whenever a friend goes abroad, it is more difficult to see him in another club”: Casillas nostalgic for the departure of Sergio Ramos

“Whenever a friend goes abroad, it is more difficult to see him in another club”: Casillas nostalgic for the departure of Sergio Ramos

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Iker Casillas, the former goalkeeper of the Spanish team and Real Madrid, declared this Thursday about the departure of Sergio Ramos to Paris Saint-Germain that “whenever a friend goes abroad it is more difficult to see him at another club” and that his departure “is a shame, but another player like Alaba and that’s the beauty of football, seeing new people ”.

“The case of Sergio (Ramos) is the one that may surprise you the most because you have been with him for a long time linked to Real Madrid, but in football it is a constant that players move the market“, Expressed Casillas during the presentation of the third edition of the National League of Challenges in Cyberspace of the Civil Guard of which he was chosen as godfather this year.

On Real Madrid’s 1-0 away win against Inter Milan in their Champions League debut, The former Porto goalkeeper stressed that the team “played a serious game” and that those achieved yesterday “are three very important points in the face of to start very well in a competition like the Champions League ”.

For Casillas it is still “too early to give favorites” in the most important club tournament in Europe. “Yesterday PSG tied at one, Madrid won 1-0 at the end. You have to go little by little, hoping that the month of March or April will arrive where the whole season will be decided and to be able to have options to reach all the competitions ”, he emphasized.

The world champion with Spain in 2010 spoke about Vinícius Junior and its good start to the season. “We are all looking forward to him continuing the projection he is doing. He is a young player, but he gives more and more and that is good ”, The former Porto goalkeeper pointed out about the 21-year-old Brazilian attacker whom he described as “a great player.”

About Carlo Ancelotti, the current technical director of the white club and who directed it during the 2013/14 season, Casillas pointed out that “he is an ideal coach”For the club project. “What you have to do is be calm, calm and wait for the results to come, he is working for them and there we are seeing itHe added.

Regarding the National League of Challenges in Cyberspace, the founding partner of the accelerator and incubator of sports startups affirmed that it is part of this initiative “because it is about helping people with initiative and wanting to help the Civil Guard in the face of something as important as cyberspace ”and because also “Fits perfectly” with the projects he is currently developing.

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