Where, how and when to watch ‘Snowdrop’, K-drama featuring BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

To see BLACKPINK’s Jisoo as an actress, we’ll just have to know where, how and when to see ‘Snowdrop’, For this reason in AmericanPost.News we leave you the details.

On December 18, the drama starring BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Jung Hae-In, ‘Snowdrop’, premiered on South Korean television network JTBC, but the million dollar question is Where, how and when to watch ‘Snowdrop’?

Days before the premiere of the k-drama, BLACKPINK member, actor, and show director Cho Hyun Tak held a press conference where they discussed the filming process, described their characters, as well as the modifications. they did to the script.

Where, how and when to see ‘Snowdrop’

The transmission will be every Saturday and Sunday.

Every Saturday and Sunday, viewers will see a new chapter in this action-packed drama, romance, suspense and comedy. The actors anticipated that there will be a kiss scene, which excited the fans.

The broadcast of the episodes will be on weekends through the South Korean channel JTBC, however, when the full broadcast ends, the chapters will be available on Disney Plus and Star Plus.

Where to see ‘Snowdrop’ online in Mexico?

‘Snowdrop’ will be available on Disney’s streaming platforms, but to see the full drama will have to wait until 2022, but there is a way to follow the series as the episodes premiere.

International fans have chosen to use a VPN to change their location to South Korea, thus accessing the content and series that can be viewed from the JTBC app.

If you follow this method, it is necessary that you take into account what time the transmission of ‘Snowdrop’ begins according to your country of origin:

This is how AmericanPost.News has some guys to know where, how and when to watch ‘Snowdrop’, where it will also feature the participation of Yoo In Na, Kim Hye Yoon, Im Soo Ho, Kim Ji Soo, Jang Seung Jo, Yoon Se Ah and Jung Eugene in ‘Snowdrop’.

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