Where is the luxurious bottle of whiskey that Mike Pompeo was given as a gift?

Mike Pompeo.

Photo: Joe Raedle / Getty Images

This week the State Department internal watchdog indicated that the about $ 6,000 bottle of Japanese whiskey that was a gift to Mike Pompeo and was reported missing, still has not been located.

In addition, the department inspector general pointed out that the so-called “gift vault” in which presents are kept delivered to senior officials of the United States government was in “a state of disorder” when Joe Biden took office in January.

Added that new controls and safeguards are needed to ensure that what is stored there is properly stored.

The inspector noted that he could not find the 30 year old Suntory Hibiki whiskey bottle what was a gift for then secretary of state by the Japanese government in 2019, next to a 22 karat gold commemorative coin valued at $ 560.

In August, items were reported missing in a notification filed with the Federal Register, the date a representative for Pompeo said he knew nothing about the gift or its search.

It was later revealed that in a warehouse found a collection of porcelain and copper vases valued at $ 20,000, a non-specific number of G-7 commemorative pewter trays, marble jewelery boxes and leather briefcases valued at $ 680.

The gold coin and the whiskey bottle, however, have not been found. Authorities say the search is made difficult by the lack of an inventory system and that there are no security cameras outside the gift vault.

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