Where to read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84 in Spanish?

fans of Dragon Ball Super are eager to see the conclusion of the Vegeta and Goku fight with Gas. well some Chapter 84 spoilers They confirm that the fight is not over yet, but we may have several great moments in the next chapter.

In the last chapters of Dragon Ball Super, we have seen the amazing fight of Granolah against Gas. At first, Granolah was blinded by his thirst for revenge and overwhelmed Vegeta and Goku in the fight. The cereal man proves that he is, in fact, the strongest warrior in the universe, but that ends when Elec uses the wish to make Gas even stronger than Granolah.

Gas used his new powers to nearly kill Granolah, leaving Goku and Vegeta with no choice but to engage in the fight. The Saiyans are already exhausted from their fight with Granolah, so it would be interesting to see how they manage to defeat this powerful new foe.

Read Dragon Ball Super manga in Spanish

You can read the Dragon Ball Super manga in Spanish from the MANGA Plus application. The first and last three chapters are available for free. VIZ Average also publishes the manga in English.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84 Spoilers

Photo: Shueisha / Goku remembers his parents Bardock and Gine Dragon Ball Super 84: Goku and Vegeta vs. Gas Vegeta Ultra Ego vs. Gas Goku Ultra Instinct vs. Gas

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84 will start with Goku remembering the time Bardock sent him to Earth. Also, he remembers how hurt Bardock was when he arrived from the planet Cereal.

At this point, Goku realizes what Saiyan Pride is and why Vegeta is driven by this one emotion. Vegeta is happy that Goku finally understands the true meaning of being a Saiyan, but he is frustrated that it was Bardock who made him realize that.

Monaito listens to everything and offers to heal Goku and Vegeta so they can face Gas. But before that, he gives both warriors new armor, which is similar to Bardock’s armor.

Finally, Gas arrives at the planet Cereal and Oil receives Gas on the planet. Gas now wants to quickly finish off Goku and Vegeta, but it won’t be that easy. Goku now takes on his Ultra Instinct form and at the same time, Vegeta reveals his Ultra Ego transformation.

Dragon Ball Super 84: Goku and Vegeta vs. Gas Vegeta Ultra Ego vs. Gas Goku Ultra Instinct vs. Gas

Maki becomes concerned after seeing Goku and Vegeta’s new transformation, and Oil explains to her that these Saiyans are incredibly powerful. Now, Goku and Vegeta attack together, but Gas dodges all of his attacks.

It goes on for a while and Gas starts to run out. The gas now creates a massive Ki blast, and Goku and Vegeta counter it with “Kame Hame Ha” and “Galick Ho”. Gas teleports behind Vegeta and Goku, and lands a powerful punch on Vegeta.

After that, he steps on Goku’s chest and Vegeta creates an energy ball, which is a God of Destruction technique. Vegeta asks Goku to leave that place, and Goku teleports close to Vegeta to help him push the energy ball towards Gas.

Vegeta Ultra Ego vs Gas Goku Ultra Instinct vs Gas

Surprisingly, Gas pushes the ball towards Goku and Vegeta, and Saiyan Price leaves Goku alone to handle the energy attack. Vegeta walks up to Gas, who punches him several times in the stomach.

Instead of losing, Vegeta feels more powerful and punches Gas in the face. Vegeta tells Gas that all the damage is making him more powerful and that each Gas attack is like fuel for his body.

Goku Ultra Instinct vs Gas

Previously, we have seen Vegeta, in his Ultra Ego form, lose to Granolah. It was something that did not go down well in the community because, for once, we want to see Vegeta win a battle in Dragon Ball Super.

Well, we don’t know if Vegeta can take down Gas alone, but it’s good to see him stand strong against the mightiest warrior in the universe. Besides, AmericanPost.News reported before that a fan art of Dragon Ball Super imagined the fusion of Ultra Instinct with Ultra Ego.

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