While Gerard Piqué “rides the horns”: they graffiti Shakira in the mansion

Photo: LLUIS GENE / AFP / Getty Images

A few weeks ago, the separation of Shakira and Gerard Piqué after almost 12 years relationship and two children together. From that moment on, the rumors that point to a alleged infidelity on the part of the footballer have multiplied to the point of relating him even to a young waitress of 20 years of age, with which it is said that he could have an affair.

Despite the gossip, Shakira has not lost her smile for a moment in the public appearances he has made, since it was confirmed his return to singleness and move on with your life with total normality, focused on the successes of his musical career.

Unlike Piqué, for the moment, she has not been related to anyone. However, she does not lack suitors and, recently, she received a declaration of love at the door of her house. the residence where lived with Piqué woke up with several graffiti drawn on the road in front, in which you can read a series of phrases in English such as: “I love you pretty woman”, “I come here for you, my love”, or “I am ready to marry you right now and support you.”

Until now, the identity of the person is unknown who went to the vicinity of the mansion of the interpreter of “Waka waka” to make that proposal. Nevertheless, The police have already launched the relevant investigations. to find the person responsible.

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