White father and son chased and shot black FedEx worker in Mississippi

Gregory and Brandon Case were arrested for shooting a black FedEx worker.

Photo: Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department/Courtesy

D’Monterrio Gibson, 24, reported to authorities that last month while making deliveries in Brookhaven, Mississippi, was chased by a couple of white men and one of them shot multiple times at the vehicle he was driving while trying to escape.

In an interview with CNN, the FedEx worker indicated that he believes that the men who persecuted him did so because of an act of racism, which has led to comparison with the case between Ahmaud Arbery and three residents who chased him around a Georgia neighborhood in a pair of pickup trucks for five minutes in February 2020.

“At that moment, my instinct kicks in and I swerve around him while he (is) trying to cut me off to avoid getting caught in the neighborhood,” the victim told the aforementioned outlet.

Also, he pointed out that the van he was driving was a Hertz rental that had two large company decals marked on the back, and was also wearing a jacket, shirt, and pants that identified him as a FedEx worker.

Following the events, D’Monterrio Gibson has asked the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation to take the case from the local police and her assailants, Gregory and Brandon Case, face federal charges for hate crimes.

According to an affidavit on February 1, Gregory Case was charged with illegally and criminally conspiring with Brandon to commit aggravated assault by attempting to cause bodily injury to 14-year-old D’Monterrio Gibson.

Brandon Case’s bail was set at $150,000 and Gregory’s Case’s bail was set at $75,000said Vicki Magee, dispatch supervisor for the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department.

We think they should have been arrested and the charges should go from conspiracy and shooting at a vehicle to attempted murder because if the roles were reversed and he had done this to them, he would have been immediately arrested for attempted murder (and taken) to jail that same night. He would not have been allowed to wait a week to turn himself in,” Magee added.

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