Who are the children of Andrés García?

Users have questioned who are the sons of Andres Garcia, Well, the famous actor did not have a good relationship with them, so he mentioned it on some occasions before the cameras; the dominican actor 80 years old He has 3 children, they also dedicated themselves to acting.

We remember that the actor conquered with his charisma and his physique, becoming one of the most sought-after leading men in the seventies, eighties and nineties. He made several soap operas, series, plays. It is worth mentioning that the last telenovela he did was “El Cuerpo del Desire”.

Previously in AmericanPost.News We have shared more details of the life of the Dominican actor, including photos of the actor in his youth, because in his beginnings in the entertainment industry he was quite a heartthrob, although he gave much to talk about for his romances.

Children of Andrés García currently

Leonardo García, one of the sons of Andrés García The actor and García Margarita Portillo y García

The famous married four times and had 3 children, but who are they? In 1967 he married Sandra Vale and as a result of his love he procreated two children, Andrew junior Y Leonard. In 1974 he gave himself a chance at love and married Fernanda Ampudia and fathered their daughter andrea garcia.

But, strong rumors arose that he had a daughter named Claudia as a result of a fleeting romance with María Elena Margáin. On the other hand, the actor’s first son dedicated himself to acting, since he had the opportunity to participate in “The privilege of loving”.

While Leonardo also revealed his facet as an actor in some melodramas, but he chose to focus on business, becoming an entrepreneur, and Andrea García is an actress, model and television presenter.

What relationship does Andrés García have with Roberto Palazuelos?

The actor and Garcia Margarita Portillo y Garcia

García and Palazuelos had a solid friendship for several years despite not being a family, but in mid-2021 a conflict arose between them, for which they distanced themselves and everything arose from the properties and will of the actor.

How many girlfriends did Andrés García have?

Margarita Portillo and Garcia

Users have questioned the celebrity’s love life, because on one occasion he revealed that when he was young he began to count at 16 years of age how many women he had been with and continued to count until he was 26, but he lost count, although he assured that seven women were the loves of his life.

In 2013 he married Margarita Portillo, but in 2020 he announced that he was separated from his wife, but in January 2022 it was revealed that the actor managed to save his marriage and gave himself a second chance with Margarita. On the other hand, he reconciled with Leonardo, one of Andrés García’s sons.

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