WHO expert asks that the terms “Deltacron” and “Flurone” not be used

The doctor Maria Van Kerkhove, lead epidemiologist of the World Health Organization (WHO) has asked that do not use words like “deltacron” or “fluron” to talk about COVID-19, for the inaccuracy of these with the pandemic.

Through her social networks, the expert explained that using these terms implies a combination of viruses and variants, which is not happening. “Let’s not use words like deltacron, flurone or flurone. Please. These words involve the combination of viruses and variants and this is not happening”, Declared the specialist.

“’Deltacron’ is a likely contamination during sequencingSARSCoV2 continues to evolve and sees flu co-infection, ”he said. Therefore, Deltacron is not a variant of the coronavirus as some believe.

WHO epidemiologist talks about flurone

Van Kerkhove assures that these new concepts should not be related to the pandemic / Photo: Management The Organization considers it a mistake to use these terms / Photo: Uno TV

Van Kerkhove referred to another thread he published on January 4, in which he explained that the co-infections of COVID-19 and Influenza now called ‘Flurona’, have occurred throughout the pandemic.

“With a greater number of people gathering, with limited use of health and social protection measures, in addition to the circulation of influenza and COVID-19, we see that co-infections are occurring”, Explained the expert.

Get vaccinated (against COVID-19 and flu)continue to use public sanitation measures. Put on the mask. Apply distancing. Avoid crowds. Ventilate ”, recommended the WHO specialist.

Since when did these terms arise?

The Organization considers it a mistake to use these terms / Photo: Uno TV

On January 2, Israel detected the first case of “flurone”a coronavirus infection and flu (influenza) at the same time in an unvaccinated pregnant woman infected with both viruses, who has given birth at Beilinson Hospital. The patient showed mild symptoms, although she was not immunized.

While on January 8, authorities of Cyprus reported that they had identified 25 cases of infection with a version combined delta and omicron variants of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which they have called “deltacron”.

However, both concepts do not refer to new variants of COVID-19, but to two infections that occur at the same time. How we report in AmericanPost.NewsThe WHO said that the new Omicron variant is the one that should be of concern, since it is the one that has once again increased infections throughout the world, even in vaccinated people.

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