Who is Alejandra Fernández, Vicente Fernández’s daughter?

Vicente Fernández death made news this Sunday, December 12, after 4 months in the hospital. We know about it through the statements made by the singer’s family, including his daughter’s, Alejandra Fernández. So far, we knew so little about her.

After being hospitalized for a fall at his ranch “Los tres Potrillos”, it was announced that Vicente Fernández died at the age of 81 due to multi-organ failure.

Various media outlets confirmed that in the last moments of Vicente Fernández’s life he was surrounded by his family, who have dedicated words of gratitude to the millions of fans.

Death of Vicente Fernández

Vicente Fernández’s family was a pillar for the singer. Alejandra Fernández, the artist’s daughter, does not belong to the show business

Family for Vicente Fernández was a fundamental pillar and he always made it clear, with every opportunity.

He was married for 57 years to María del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor, better known as Doña Cuquita, with whom he grew up four children: Vicente Jr, Gerardo, the singer Alejandro Fernández and finally Alejandra.

Although most of the children were inclined to the artistic world like their father, the fact that draws attention among the artist’s followers was to hear that they the only daughter of the Charro de Huentitán was adopted.

Alejandra Fernandez

Vicente Fernández’s daughter does not belong to the entertainment world

Alejandra Fernández does not belong to the entertainment world, unlike the rest of her siblings.

From what is known about her arrival in the Fernández family, Alejandra is the daughter of Gloria, Doña Cuquita’s sister.

“As I did not have daughters, the story of Alejandra, I do not know, was 40 days old, so it was my birthday and I lived in Guadalajara and left me the girl”, confessed the musician.

The singer confessed that the little girl stole his heart, after spending all day playing and when she became sleepy and chose to put her in the crib, when she told her to go to sleep, it seems that she obeyed his words and fell asleep. Seeing this, El Charro remembers “With that, she won me.”

Since then, Alejandra lived with the Fernández family and while her childhood passed, she was unaware of this story and did not know that she was adopted. She never believed that the woman who she saw as her aunt was actually her mother.

One of the saddest moments they lived was when the singer’s sister-in-law asked for her daughter back and took her away.

At that time, the singer Vicente Fernández said that due to the strong bond, his sister-in-law returned the girl.

“She is my little girl for me, and there was a time when my sister-in-law took her from me. I went to the ranch and roared, until she noticed that I was losing weight.”

“He told me: ‘no, the girl can’t do it either’, she began to stutter, the girl was four years old. She brought her back to me and told me to keep her.”

It is said that in 2014 Vicente Fernandez brought his daughter to the altar, shortly after she divorced, and although they claim that she remarried, little is known of the private life of Alejandra Fernandez.