Who is Ashley Harkleroad? The tennis player who changed the sport for explicit adult content on OnlyFans [Fotos]

Photo: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Tennis fans may remember Ashley Harkleroad as an above average tennis player who had its time of glory entering the Top 40 of the WTA ranking in 2003but unfortunately had to retire in 2012 due to constant injuries.

Now 10 years after his departure from tennis and after having won more than 200 matches on the WTA professional circuit has found a new hobby in his role as a social media influencer and more recently by opening an OnlyFans account.

Apparently, Harkleroad is now dedicated to uploading explicit adult content on his OnlyFans either through explicit images or videos in which she also shares with her husband and former tennis player Chuck Adams.

In addition, through his Instagram account he dedicated himself to promoting his account to his more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, ensuring that the material can be accessed for a payment of five or 10 dollars.

The funny thing is that this adult content role is not something new or innovative for Harkleroad because In 2008, she posed for Playboy, becoming the first tennis player in history to undress while active in the sport..

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