Bratty takes center stage: Mexico’s rising star at Coachella 2023

Discover Bratty's inspiring ascent as a self-taught artist, sharing the stage with music giants at Coachella 2023, and representing Mexico with pride.

Coachella 2023 kicked off this Friday, and the Latin presence will be the highlight of the event, which already has Bad Bunny as one of the leading artists on its first day. However, besides him is Bratty, the only Mexican on the festival bill that celebrates trending international music.

The 22-year-old singer from Sinaloa has stood out in the music scene in recent years, and this Saturday, she will perform at one of the most important music festivals in the United States and the world.

Although her artistic path began out of mere curiosity and self-taught, the young woman will share the stage with artists such as Black Pink and Rosalía on the same day, something that she confided she did not expect to happen.

This was Bratty’s road to Coachella 2023

The young artist said that thanks to her perseverance and being a self-taught person, she could learn about music and find her style on the internet.

“I never thought I would become an artist and be able to make a living from this. I came to music because I was curious about everything I saw online. I discovered many independent bands from the US, and the few that were emerging in Mexico that I liked, I listened to them for a long time, and this defined my style,” he said.

“It was all thanks to YouTube tutorials. With them, I learned to play guitar and keyboard, and in general to make music,” said the artist, who began her musical journey at age 15 independently and thanks to the support of her parents.

Bratty began studying music production in college. However, after her career exploded and she got a contract with Universal Music during the pandemic, she had to drop out of school, although she assures that she continues to learn with what she finds on the web.

What other artists will perform at Coachella 2023?

These are the artists performing at Coachella 2023
These are the artists performing at Coachella 2023

The most important music festival in the world will feature great artists on stage. Still, some of the most anticipated are BLACKPINK, Björk, Blondie, Frank Ocean, Gorillaz, Bad Bunny, The Chemical Brothers, Calvin Harris, and Blink-182. You can see them completely live on the official broadcast of the event.