Who is Catherine Siachoque, the new character of Dark Desire?

The famous seriesdark desire” from Netflix, starring Maite Perroni and Alejandro Speitzer, is one of the most viewed installments on streaming and now, following the success of the first season, the plot was renewed with a second season that contains the perfect combination of suspense, drama and eroticism.

This season he returned to us Maite Perroni, Erik Hayser, Alejandro Speitzer and Jorge Poza but to give it more intrigue and flavor, we have new characters who have given us goosebumps with their great talent.

One of them is Catherine Siachoquea Colombian actress who plays Lys Antoinewho is the alleged literature teacher of Darío Guerra, the protagonist of this Mexican series.

Who is Catherine Siachoque?

Who is Catherine Siachoque?

Catherine Siachoque reported that her character is a very sensual, highly cultured woman who has given everything for an obsession. In addition, she has emotional dependencies that have led her astray.

“Lys is a very complex woman, with a number of dependencies that lead her to go down a complicated path. She is a very sensual character, a lover of art, very educated, who has given everything for love and for an obsession, “the Colombian actress told the newspaper El Nuevo Herald.

The Colombian also mentioned that she decided to dust off some classic authors of Latin American literature such as Julio Cortázar and Mario Vargas Llosa.

“I had to read Hopscotch and Stepmother’s Praise again, two books that are very directly related to the story of Dark Desire,” he revealed.

Dark Desire on Netflix

The second season of “Dark Desire” is now available on Netflix and is part of the top 10 most watched this week. Catherine and her co-stars are very proud of the result and asked their fans to run to see all 15 episodes. So far it is not known if it will have a third season.