Meet El Petrolero, the suspect from Jalisco Cartel leader arrested in connection with the macabre find in Poza Rica

Eder "N" faces arrest in Puebla after authorities in Veracruz uncover a shocking crime scene with 13 dismembered victims.

In a chilling development, 13 dismembered bodies were found in a building on Gutierrez Zamora Street, Poza Rica, Veracruz. This discovery was made during an operation launched on Sunday, August 13, while police officers were chasing armed individuals who took refuge in the said building. Initial reports mistakenly indicated the presence of 34 bodies, but Veracruz authorities later confirmed the number to be 13.

The spotlight soon turned to Eder “N”, also known by his aliases “El Petrolero” and “El R-15”. This 33-year-old man believed to be a prominent figure in the Jalisco Cartel – New Generation (CJNG), was apprehended in Huauchinango, Puebla, on August 24. He had been on the run, trying to elude law enforcement, and had even taken refuge in Puebla.

Daniel Iván Cruz Luna, head of Puebla’s Public Security Secretariat (SSP), clarified at a press conference that Eder “N” did not conduct his illicit activities in Puebla. Instead, he was active in Veracruz, leading operations in Poza Rica for the “cartel of the four letters”.

“This man is known as a possible leader of the Jalisco Cartel in that entity, that is in the state of Veracruz,” Cruz Luna elucidated during the SSP conference.

Alrededor de 13 cuerpos desmembrados fueron encontrados al interior de un inmueble en Poza Rica, Veracruz (Foto: Google Maps/Especial)
Around 13 dismembered bodies were found inside a building in Poza Rica, Veracruz (Photo: Google Maps/Especial)

Charges and Allegations

While Eder “N” was initially arrested for drug trafficking and illegal possession of firearms, further charges may be pending. At the time of his apprehension, authorities confiscated approximately 50 packages of the drug crystal, a .38 caliber revolver, and ammunition.

His rap sheet is extensive. Beyond drug distribution in Poza Rica, he is purportedly involved in other heinous crimes, including kidnapping and extortion, as per various newspaper accounts. His primary role was to safeguard his cartel’s territory in Poza Rica, ensuring rival factions did not intrude, even if it meant resorting to armed skirmishes or ambushes.

Link to the Grisly Find in Poza Rica

The Secretary of Security of Puebla, hinting at the gruesome discovery in Veracruz, stated, “The arrest of Eder Jesús “N” was achieved. I share that the exchange of information with my counterpart in Veracruz, given the recent events where several dismembered bodies were located in the municipality of Poza Rica, we had preliminary information that this person and two other men were in Puebla taking refuge.”

There are ongoing investigations to ascertain if “El Petrolero” had any direct involvement with the horrifying discovery of the 13 bodies. He reportedly tried to bribe the Puebla police to escape arrest but was eventually handed over to the ministerial authorities.