Who is Emmanuel Palomares, Erika Buenfil’s 30 years younger alleged lover?

The speculation is not recent since last December 24, Érika Buenfil shared a video dancing with Emmanuel Palomares and wished a Merry Christmas to all her followers, but now the influencer ‘Chamonic’ was in charge of spreading, even more, the possibility of a relationship.

Emanuel Palomares and Erika Buenfil: publicity stunt or real love?

Érika Buenfil is in the eye of the storm and the crosshairs of several media outlets because, apparently, an unexpected rumor that could be true has begun to spread: the legendary actress of Mexican telenovelas has a new romance with a much younger beau named Emmanuel Palomares.


Un clásico. Les deseamos una feliz navidad. @Emmanuel Palomares los queremos #fyp #parati

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The career of the actress starring in telenovelas like ‘Marisol’ and ‘Tres Mujeres’ took a new direction thanks to her TikTok videos during the pandemic in 2020, and since then, she has become one of the most prominent influencers in Mexico, but she was never seen with a beau… until now.

It’s no secret that Érika Buenfil likes to share videos of her followers dancing or acting trends on TikTok and Instagram. Still, for some time now, a young telenovela star named Emmanuel Palomares has been appearing with her, and rumors are swirling that they have their first romance.

Who is Emmanuel Palomares?

Even though Emmanuel Palomares is 30 years younger than Érika Buenfil, the messages are clear: they get along great, and their closeness is quite evident, especially if you consider that they are spending a lot of time together during the filming of the telenovela ‘Perdona Nuestros Pecados.’

Actor Emmanuel Palomares, Irina Baeva’s ex-partner, has much to offer his followers on Instagram. And the best proof of this is in each of his publications. In them, he shows the different facets of his life and the sculptural physique that could drive more than one crazy.

Definitely, the 30-year-old Venezuelan with Mexican nationality has nothing to envy about Gabriel Soto, who is engaged to his ex Irina Baeva. “How precious,” “with that kind of publication, I do open my Instagram daily,” and “so gorgeous” are some messages that can be read in one of the photographs shared by the actor. In the image, he shows off his bare torso with a kind of rosary around his neck and a suggestive look while he seems to unbutton his pants.

Emmanuel Palomares and Irina Baeva

Irina and Emmanuel, despite no longer being a romantic couple, maintain the great affection that once united them, when they were in Mexico in search of making a name for themselves in the national show business, they met at Televisa’s Center for Artistic Education (CEA).

Because they were both alone in the country as foreigners, they began to frequent each other: little by little, they became great friends until they began to feel attraction for each other and decided to start a relationship in 2014 after realizing that they shared very similar goals.

Despite looking very happy and sharing the dream of making a name for themselves in the medium, in November 2016, the couple separated. “She is doing very well, fortunately, me too; then, we are going where we came from, each one from his country, we came to strive and continue working hard. We decided to take this time to focus on us,” the Venezuelan told De Primera Mano.

Emmanuel Palomares poses in intimate apparel

In another publication of January 5, Emmanuel Palomares appears in intimate apparel, sitting on a chair with provocative poses that draw sighs. The three photos of Irina Baeva’s ex-partner accumulated more than 70 thousand “likes” and hundreds of messages mostly made up of little hearts.

Palomares, whose last participation was in the telenovela “Vencer el Miedo,” recently made headlines in the entertainment media. The Venezuelan took sides by contradicting statements made by his ex, Irina Baeva. She said in an interview that she suffered a lot when Palomares ended the relationship with her without knowing the reason. “She neglected our relationship. I understood that it was time to move on,” the actor said in his defense.